Reccommended Realtor

"The realtor I mentioned to you is Martin Creech.

Marty Creech was born in Oxford and is well respected among both university (Reference: Dean Alan Oak) and town's people. He is an excellent realtor and he really knows this market. Furthermore, he is aware of what is in the works for years to come. He is not a high pressure person and is a very patient man.

We were pleased with the work he did in selling our home in Cincinnati and helping us to buy the one here in Oxford. My husband loves the house and that was all I needed since Bob was the one to convince about moving.

PS: No, I do not work for Marty (smile). It is just that I feel that I can appreciate where your wife is in life and about moving to a small town. I would like her to have the best chance of seeing the real estate with someone I know will listen.


- Linda C. Oxford


"Dear Marty,
We couldn't have found a better realtor. You did a fantastic job! In fact, you took an unusual property, due to its age and other unique characteristics, and you tirelessly worked to market it effectively.
Thanks for all your patience and understanding during this huge transition in our lives. We have no doubt that you are well on your way to becoming the area's top realtor, and we wish you all the best of luck--but with your combination of talent and work ethic, you probably don't need it!
Hoping to see you and your family out here in Colorado. Hurry! The snow's great this season.
Sincerely, Jerry & Priscilla

- Jerry and Pricilla, Colorado

Who could ask for more?

"Well Marty, you tromped in the rain through barbed wire to show me a lot -- how could I not be satisfied?
Jenny P.


- Jenny P. Oxford